What an interesting find!

One of the things that I like about living abroad is renting a fully furnished house.

The decor and all the furnishing included in the house lets you understand more about the people and the culture that they have. Somehow, it is my way of “being one with the locals” because I get to discover a lot of things.


One of the things that I found interesting in the house that I am living now are the windows.

18644340_1774812005868264_1449374162_nIt believe that this kind of window is available everywhere but coming from a different part of the world, I think that this window is a genius invention!

It is very big which allows a lot of sunlight to come in. It can open a little bit if you just want some small air to get in or you can also open it fully if you want to get out. What’s more amazing is that you can apply this concept on doors too. Very cool!

So how does it work? simple. If you rotate the handle in a 90 degree turn, it will allow you to open the window/door fully. You can now go out or clean your window with ease.


If you rotate the handle in a 180 degree turn, it will allow you to open the window/door on the top. In this way, you can let some air in and still maintain your privacy.


Another thing that I find interesting are the curtains. When I first saw the curtains, I was very confused as to why it is located 12 inches away from the windows and there’s a wooden plank in between. All I know is that curtains should be part of the window and should be placed very close to it. But in here its different.


As time goes by I learned that Czechs loves flowers or gardening itself. When spring comes, you will see a lot of shops selling flowers on pots and the people would be buying a lot. And once they bought these flowers on pots, guess where they are going to place it? Well… They will place it on the wooden plank between the window and the curtain.

When I discovered that, I was really impressed. You can place your beautiful flowers in the window and then add a nice curtain for a backdrop. Since the big windows are made of glass too, you can just place your plants inside the house and it will receive an ample amount of sunlight as it grows. Impressive!


Another thing that I found interesting are the keys.


Now, I think this is not applicable for everybody but at least it is applicable to me. I think our keys came from the Renaissance period (Just Kidding!). When I saw this I was in awe. I feel like I am holding an antique item and it is still functional. I cannot believe it.

Sometimes when I hold these keys, I imagine that I am commoner living inside a kingdom a thousand years ago.

Lastly, I found the most interesting of them all. It is fairly decorative but I think you can still use it.

It is an Iron.


The last time I saw an iron like this is from the history books. You can use it by placing some coals inside the iron. When it heats up, you put it on your clothes to straighten it up. Cool, right?



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